Effect of Teacher Student Relationship on Mathematics learning

first_imgMathematics has often been considered as a fiendish subject. Many students develop math phobia over time and try to stay away from mathematics. Gradually they even try to escape from the mathematics class. It is very often seen that students in a mathematics class take a plea to go to toilets or to complete the assignments given by other teachers. Some even try to malinger.In many videos and jokes which go viral from time to time, mathematics teachers are presented as Bahubali, Gabbar Singh and many of the likes. Songs like “Tere math salon se paresan hun mein”…… are also now day favourites of students, particularly of Secondary and Senior Secondary classes. When a math teacher enters a class, there is absolute silence in the class as if some sort of mourning is going on.Of course, there are many factors, which cause these problems like anti – math environment, higher expectation from the subject of mathematics, stereotypic interlinking of talent of a subject with math performance, the demand of mathematics in creating jobs etc. The overall implication of mathematics learning in our daily life also affects the burden of mathematics among students. Amongst these entire factors, one factor which plays a vital role in math performance is- Teacher-Student Relationship.Let’s assume that you attended a function by a social media invitation. But you don’t actually know the host. When you are all alone in the function and no one either welcomes you or talks to you, how do you feel? Will you ever want to attend such a function? Such is the case with the students suffering from math phobia.It is said that a teacher is a friend, philosopher and guide. So if a student can’t make his/ her math teacher his/ her friend or the math teacher fails to make students his/ her friend, then math learning is affected very badly. Also, it is well known that one hand cannot clap. So if only the math teacher wants to make friendship with students or if only students want the same and there is lack of positive response from the other side, then friendship cannot be established. Friendship does not occur anywhere with any person. To make a good friendship two persons have to come closer to each other. Once both starts moving closer a strong bonding occurs and this bond of friendship further strengthens the understanding, interest and aptitude towards mathematics.The concept of  ‘Kuchh tum badlo kuchh hum badlen’  works well here also. When the teacher and students start thinking of each other, they try to focus on some common points among them. They forget the differences. And what is the common point among teachers and students of mathematics? It is surely the love for mathematics, interest and curiosity in mathematics. So if the teacher and students both possess interest and curiosity in mathematics, then they can be good friends. And once teachers and students become good friends the problem is half solved.Friendship is all about sharing and caring. If the students can share their problems and difficulties and also happy with their teacher, then the teacher will be in a position to solve the problems. Students can easily share all secrets and personal sorrows and happiness with their friends. They should be able to do the same with their math teacher.A smile has greater power. A smiling face can buy many friends for nothing. So a mathematics teacher has to have a smiling face so that he is not considered again the Gabbar. A teacher has to have a friendly voice and a pleasant and humorous language, which are the basic elements of friendship.Research says that when students are not comfortable with their identity in the class, they lack motivation in learning. So a friendly relation between mathematics teacher and students is crucial to mathematical learning.last_img read more