Prisoners hack PS3 with mouse cable to create phone charger

first_imgThe title makes you wonder how prisoners get hold of a PS3 in the first place, after all you go to prison to be punished for crimes, not to relax in luxury playing PS3 games. But it seems the West Lothian prison in Scotland has a reputation for treating its prisoners like royalty, as it already has the nickname the “Addisson” which is named after the Radisson series of luxury hotel chains.It appears their generosity of rewarding prisoners with PS3 consoles if they are good may have backfired because it seems that the cons have been doing a bit of hacking by stealing mice from classes, re-wiring them and using the PS3 to charge the mobile phones that they are not technically supposed to have.Officials at the jail were scratching their heads for ages trying to work out why so many mice were going missing, but after they examined the PS3 consoles during cell searches they soon realized why. The USB ports of the PS3 are usually used to charge the PS3 controllers, but they can also power most USB connected devices too (hence the re-wire job).Now it seems that no prisoner is allowed to leave any classes without handing back their mouse, otherwise they will get a slap on the wrist and be placed in the naughty corner. As for the modified PS3s, well who knows what happens to these, maybe they will be swapped for Nintendo Wii’s, DS’s or Xbox 360s.Read more at The Daily Recordlast_img read more