One Sibling Works for B’s; One Gets Easy A’s

first_imgThe New York Times:Two weeks ago, I was hanging out after a speaking engagement, answering questions and chatting with some parents, when two women approached me with a great Parent-Teacher Conference question.These moms wanted to know how to parent siblings with differing talents and academic abilities. Specifically, one of the mothers wanted to know how she could best support one of her children, who works herself to the bone for B’s, while the other sibling seems to earn A’s with very little effort. As a parent of two boys with very different personalities, interests and skills, this is a question I’ve been itching to research myself.…According to the work of the research psychologist and recent MacArthur Foundation fellow Angela Duckworth, the child who is earning B’s may just be in a much better position to succeed in life than the child who is not working very hard for those coveted A’s. According to Dr. Duckworth, “grit,” or the combination of self-control required to stay focused on a task from moment to moment and sustain the effort toward long-term goals, is more predictive of success than I.Q., academic achievement or test scores.Read the whole story: The New York Times More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

SAW Duplexer Broadens Communication Frequencies by Improving Performance

first_imgMurata has developed a compact SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) duplexer that achieves higher steepness, a lower dissipation factor and more stable temperature characteristics than what has been seen in SAW devices up till now. As a result of these enhancements, frequency bands that could not be supported by conventional SAW devices will now be supported.SAW devices filter out various frequencies, making them a vital component in smart phones and other communication terminals. In recent years, there has been increased demand for steep, low-dissipation-factor filter characteristics and stable temperature characteristics as a result of higher communication frequencies and closer proximity of frequency bands, both areas that could not be sufficiently supported by conventional SAW devices.Murata has applied their unique expertise in the development of a new technology for propagating SAW energy more effectively than ever before and thereby commercialized a new SAW duplexer with more advanced performance, a lower cost, and a more compact size that can accommodate frequency bands not supported by conventional SAW devices. This has allowed them to expand their lineup of SAW devices compatible with a broad range of the frequency bands expected to increase in the future.The development of this technology will enable quick responses to future market demands and help make RF circuits even smaller with better performance. The duplexer has been given a tentative name – SAYPE series and measures 1.8×1.4 mm. Mass production is scheduled to begin in early 2017.last_img read more