Scientists determine the formula for perfect melted cheese on toast

first_imgScience has put men on the moon, cured disease, and built amazing architectural wonders. But has it ever calculated the best way to melt cheese on a slice of toast? Actually, yes it has. The Royal Society of Chemistry along with the British Cheese Board has announced the formula for making a perfect slice of toast with melted cheese.A series of tests were carried out by the Chemistry Society, and found that the perfect slice is created by melting exactly 50 grams of cheese on a piece of white bread 10 mm thick. The bread and cheese should sit precisely 18 cm from the heat source, which is set at 115° C. Cooking time is 4 minutes, and not a second more. This will reportedly toast the bread and melt the cheese in the most objectively pleasing way. If you have been melting cheese on toast any other way, that was the wrong way.The researchers evaluated the effect distance, time, and cheese format had on the final result. They found early on that the cheese melted more consistently when the heat source was farther away. After zeroing in on the distance, the time was assessed. It had to be just the right length to melt the cheese without burning the edges of the toast. Lastly, these highly trained scientists investigated shredded, sliced, and cubed cheese. Sliced was the clear winner there.That wasn’t the end of testing. A few more tests showed that a hard cheese like cheddar worked best, and that white bread provided the most consistent platform for cheese melting.Yes, this is a little silly, but science isn’t always serious business. This is simply an illustration of the scientific method and how research is approached. It’s vastly simplified, of course, but now you can make scientifically perfect cheesy toast. We live in the future now.last_img read more