Developer explains why hes pirating Windows 8

first_imgIn the past couple of decades Microsoft has had a very strong hold over the computer market. The Windows operating system was, and still is installed on the majority of PCs. That also means the majority of us have paid for and activated copies of Windows both at home and at work.However, one developer has had enough, and has decreed publicly that he will be pirating the next version of Windows, which means Windows 8.The developer’s name is Justin Cunningham, who admits that he’s purchased just about every copy of Windows since Windows 3.1. The one exception to that is the horrible Windows ME. The reason he’s now decided not to give Microsoft any more money for future Windows operating systems is due to what he deems the broken activation system.In a post on his blog Little Bit of Code, Justin explains how he’s wasted far too much time attempting to, and failing to activate legitimate copies of Windows. It may be something you’ve experienced personally, where a phone call is required to activate a machine, but it fails. Multiple tries later, it works, and you feel like you just wasted a lot of time for very little progress.Jonathan has also experienced Windows discs that don’t read, refusals from Microsoft to replace them, and forced reinstalls multiple times just to get a copy of Windows working again. While deciding to pirate future releases seems a little extreme, it does highlight how infuriating the Windows activation system can be. With the amount of money Microsoft generates from sales of Windows, the activation system should be a dream to use, but that’s clearly not the case.While Microsoft may respond to Jonathan’s post, it will likely be to ask him to take down the link to a pirate copy of Windows 7 he included. But they shouldn’t ignore his complaints. At no other time has Windows seen more competition, and Windows 8 is a key release for Microsoft that sees ARM hardware embraced for the first time.Microsoft’s competition has always been Mac and Linux, and now a new contender in the form of Google Chrome OS. But the biggest threat to Windows isn’t a competing PC OS, it’s competing gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. Microsoft can’t afford another Vista, and it certainly shouldn’t be aggravating anyone activating copies of its OS. Hopefully activation of Windows 8 is a breeze and Jonathan can claim victory before downloading a pirate copy.Read more at Little Bit of Codelast_img read more