Erin’s Law Hears Statewide Support in Testimony

first_imgThe Senate Floor will convene at 11:00 am Thursday morning. She added that she thought she had given her son the right tool and knowledge to prevent that sort of abuse. Toni Roberts said she coached Breanna Moore in the Anchorage School District and was not only set back by Moore’s murder, but also a more personal event recently. Most of those who testified were in support of the new version of the bill which would make a sexual assault and awareness and domestic violence awareness program available to teachers. Gov. Walker: “She was just very very driven on the issue and there she was with two little girls. So I’m very pleased that I understand that there’s a committee substitute that’s being presented, every indication is that it’s going to the floor for a vote and it may not be exactly what everybody wants but it’s certainly going in the right direction.”center_img Roberts: “I am the mother of a nine year old little boy who was raped on multiple occasions just last summer by a high school neighbor of his father’s. A young man my son knew and trusted. As a teacher the sheer number of children in my classroom struggling with the long-term effects of sexual abuse causes trouble in their learning, their behavior, their classmates ability to learn, and the teacher’s time spent on behavior management instead of curriculum. Imagine what classrooms could look like if kids came to school ready to learn.” Governor Bill Walker commented today, saying he was moved by a mother who approached him in Delta on Monday. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Senate Finance Committee took over three and a half hours of public testimony on the Alaska Safe Children’s Act today.last_img read more

Batman takes on Spanish side Valencia over use of a bat in their club crest

first_img According to the BBC, the “New York-based publishing giant lodged its opposition with the European Union’s trademark arm”.  21/11/2014 Apparently the logo is too similar for their liking.  For years – long before Bruce Wayne was born – la Liga club Valencia have sported a bat on their crest, but now it seems DC comics, the makers of the superhero, are going to fight los Che for the right to use the bat on their badge.  Upd. at 20:10 CETcenter_img Sport EN Seeking comment, neither Valencia nor DC Comics were able to be contacted, however the BBC claim to have seen documents which reveal the saga was started in May 2013. The Riddler, the Joker, Penguin and Catwoman have all been regular foes to Batman down the years, but now it seems the caped crusader has a new energy: Valencia. Barcelona are due at Mestalla to take on high-flying Valencia next weekend – that’s if they haven’t been struck down by Batman by then.last_img read more

3×3 Pro Basketball League approaching the end with an exciting fifth round in Bangalore…

first_imgAdvertisement 83xtuNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs98m1Wingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Exmj( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) wy0dWould you ever consider trying this?😱bCan your students do this? 🌚b4Roller skating! Powered by Firework After a sensational fourth round in Chennai, 3×3 Pro Basketball League (3BL) moves to Bangalore on 11th and 12th August 2018 at Phoenix Marketcity. The surprising and eye-catching victory of Bangalore Machas, to end the three Round reign of the Delhi Hoopers, in Chennai increases the stakes in the league again as the competition for the leading teams increases. Advertisement  3BL has been a huge success so far and has provided incredible opportunities to Indian basketball players. As the inaugural season is approaching its ending, the leading teams face tougher competition, as the prize money and a FIBA 3×3 World Tour Hyderabad spot comes within arm’s reach. The current standings have Delhi Hoopers in the first place, followed by Ahmedabad Wingers and Bangalore Machas. Chennai Round MVP Timajh Parker-Rivera and Chethan Suresh created a powerful inside-outside duo against Delhi Hoopers in the final match of the Chennai round and increased their chances of emerging on the top in the inaugural season.Advertisement  The 3×3 Basketball League (3BL) franchise Delhi Hoopers will participate in the FIBA 3×3 World Tour Masters in the Japanese city of Utsunomiya. They qualified after emerging as champions in the third round of the only FIBA-recognized league in India. Advertisement  3×3 basketball has been recognized as an Olympic sport and will be introduced at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The interest and excitement for the inaugural season as well as for 3×3 basketball overall has surged considerably in India since the inception of 3BL. Rohit Bakshi, League Commissioner, 3BL, said, “It’s hard to fathom the constant support that 3BL’s first season in India has received. Bangalore Machas have set a benchmark when it comes to a proficient gameplay and a sudden climb through the team standings. We are very excited for the upcoming 5th round and are looking forward to witness a bright introduction and passion for 3×3 basketball in India.” Yoshiya Kato, Chairman, 3BL said, “The success of 3×3 Pro Basketball league’s first ever season in India is the result of the constant engagement of fans and supporters. 3×3 basketball is a thoroughly entertaining sport and is equally challenging to satisfy the most passionate basketball players.” Gajendra Singh Rathore, Senior Centre Director, Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore said, “We are looking forward to hosting the fifth round of the 3×3 Pro Basketball League at Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore. At Phoenix we believe in variety and diversification and hence this time we have forayed into the field of sports and basketball is becoming more and more popular by the day among the youth in the city. We would like to wish all the players the best of luck!” Advertisementlast_img read more

Councillor ‘excluded’ from verdict

first_imgA councillor who fought to postpone the lease of 6, 8 and 10 Main Street, Pakenham for a transitional housing…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription. By Rowan Forster last_img

Ridding Africa of HIV in 10 years

first_imgAn HIV/Aids awareness mural on a wall in Soweto, Gauteng. (Image: Chris Kirchhoff, For more freephotos, visit the image library.)Universal HIV testing and immediate treatment of those who test positive with antiretroviral (ARV) drugs could reduce new infections in countries with a high prevalence of HIV/Aids by as much as 95% within 10 years, according to a new study by scientists from the UN World Health Organisation (WHO).The findings of a mathematical modelling exercise, published in the 26 November edition of British medical journal The Lancet, suggest that immediate treatment – regardless of clinical or immunological evaluations such as CD4 count, which measures the strength of the immune system – could significantly reduce new infections in many sub-Saharan African countries.“We took available data from southern Africa, where the epidemic is generalised and transmitted mainly through heterosexual sex, and plugged it into a computer model,” said Reuben Granich, a medical officer with WHO’s department of HIV/Aids and lead author of the study.“The model found that if all adults were tested at least once a year and put on treatment immediately, then theoretically prevalence would reduce from 20 000 per million people annually to 1 000 per million people annually within ten years.”Granich said the model worked on the assumption that once patients started taking ARVs, their viral load – the amount of HIV in the blood – was significantly reduced and they became much less likely to transmit the virus.“The purpose of this study was to stimulate discussion and help define research questions on how to use ARVs, not only for treatment, but also for HIV prevention,” said Kevin de Cock, director of WHO’s department of HIV/Aids and co-author of the study.“The study does not in any way indicate a change in WHO policy or guidelines for testing and treatment,” he added. WHO policy on treatment stipulates voluntary testing and clinical evaluation to determine eligibility for ARV treatment.Potential obstaclesNoting that more research into universal testing and treatment would be necessary before any policy changes could be made, De Cock said WHO would convene a meeting in 2009 to discuss the findings of the mathematical model and see how best to overcome possible hurdles.“There are human rights issues involved with advocating for universal testing that need to be addressed. WHO continues to endorse testing policies that prioritise informed consent, confidentiality and dignity,” he said.“Other possible obstacles include the policy’s feasibility, and the possible weakening of other forms of HIV prevention.”Any interventions to scale up testing and treatment would need to be accompanied by expanded HIV prevention, such as male circumcision, correct and consistent condom use and partner reduction, among others.The study found that the policy would initially be costly to implement, especially in poorer countries. “Unless we manage to interrupt HIV transmission, we will endlessly be dealing with HIV treatment,” De Cock said.“Although the policy would be expensive to begin with, in the long run it would be cost saving.”Various versions of universal access to testing and treatment are already being practised successfully.“In the industrialised world, for example, all pregnant women have access to universal HIV testing and, if they need it, treatment,” he said. “As a result, in this part of the world, paediatric HIV has virtually been eliminated.”De Cock said WHO’s newest guidelines on infant treatment also recommended that children under one year of age receive ARVs as soon as they tested positive for HIV, regardless of clinical or immunological evaluations.According to WHO, nearly 80% of HIV-positive adults in sub-Saharan Africa are unaware of their status, and more than 90% do not know whether their partners are infected. Worldwide, about 3-million people were on ARVs at the end of 2007, but an estimated 6.7-million remained untreated.Do your have queries or comments about this article? Email Mary Alexander at [email protected]: Irin PlusNewsRelated articlesHIV/Aids in South AfricaAngola’s four-year plan for healthHigh-price vaccine for SA kidsVaccine hope for HIV immunity HIV in South Africa stabilising Useful linksWorld Health OrganisationThe LancetTreatment Action CampaignSouth African Aids Vaccine Initiativelast_img read more

Why Yahoo! + RSS = Good Thing

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… I’ve been readingup on Yahoo!’s decision to add RSS feeds to the mix of content they provide on the My Yahoo! portal. The decision for them is all about enhancing their strategy for users to put all their Web content “in one place” – their place. It’s the same old Portal strategy that was so popular on the Web in the mid-90’s, but which very few companies actually got right. Yahoo! was one of those that did get it right – in fact they were the standard-bearer.The portal strategy still drives Yahoo!’s business model, even though they were leapfrogged a few years ago by Google’s minimalist interface centered around search. But while Google has been reaping all the goodwill (and now money), Yahoo! has stuck to their guns, trying to be the One Place where mainstream Web users go for all their content needs. And Yahoo! has continued to be successful with that strategy – they have a very large user base and incredibly high brand recognition.So the main reason why Yahoo!’s addition of RSS features is big news? Simply put, it’s that Yahoo! is now pushing RSS as a key source of content for them and their many mainstream users.From a user (and content creator) perspective, Yahoo!’s embrace of RSS is a leap forward in acceptance of RSS as a mainstream source of content. Jeremy Zawodny, a Yahoo! developer, pointed out that RSS feeds on Yahoo! will “Just Work”. Put another way, Yahoo! will make RSS “almost completely invisible”. It will be easy-peasy lemon-squeezy for users to subscribe to RSS feeds on their My Yahoo! homepages.Story From The TrenchesTo underline the importance of making RSS user-friendly to mainstream people, I’d like to share with you a little story from the trenches. I’m a Web Producer at a medium-sized company and recently I tried to pursuade some of my business colleagues to add an RSS feed to our corporate website, for press releases. This was in response to their initial request for email notifications. Some other people in my IT team also know about RSS, so I decided it was time for me to try and sell the business folks on it. The conversation went along these lines (note: I’ve edited it so that no personalities except for me can be identified):Me: [long email stating my case for adding an RSS feed to our corporate website. I include a link to the NY Times RSS webpage, as an example.]Business User: I tried to click through on the RSS feed buttons on the NY Times link and got a page of web code – should these links work?Me: Ah, unfortunately you’ve hit on the reason why RSS feeds aren’t yet mainstream. When you click on an RSS feed, you do get a page of XML code. The way to subscribe is to copy the link into what’s called an RSS Reader (or News Reader or RSS Aggregator).[I then proceed to explain about Bloglines and other RSS Aggregators. I get a bit carried away and probably overstate my case.]Business User: I’d be inclined not to use software that requires a would-be recipient of this service to download additional software. It’s too much for normal web users. However, if it becomes simpler, we should definitely move to use it.Me: [mildly panicing now – have I blown it?] I’d still like to include an RSS feed. Heh, I admit RSS is a passion of mine. Can we still have the RSS link along with a short explanation, but push email notifications as the number 1 option?Business: As long as there is a simple option. The primary option must have a direct signup with no additional downloads.Me: Whew! [a small victory for RSS]Of course the moral here is that the business user is 100% correct – it’s not up to me (a technologist) to push my geeky hobbies onto users. It’s up to me to provide the “direct signup” that the business requires. For me to sell RSS to the business, I have to provide a solution that will hide the XML code – and the terminology associated with it – from the users. It has to be Easy As Email™ (to coin a trademark).And that is precisely where Yahoo! comes in (not necessarily for my company’s website users, but generally speaking…).Yahoo!’s core service is to provide a homepage in a browser, where users can sign up to receive content. Simple. And now RSS is Content too, according to Yahoo! Great! It means users don’t need to go elsewhere on the Web or know about XML to sign up to these “RSS feeds” (whatever they are).It bears repeating: what RSS is to Yahoo! users is a new source of CONTENT. Yahoo! hides all the geekery behind the content.SummaryBecause a huge number of normal folks already use Yahoo!, there’s an equally huge customer base just waiting to join the RSS revolution. Yahoo! users will experience the revolution on their same old My Yahoo! homepage – and does that matter? Not a jot. Content Creators will be pleased, because they’ll have a whole new audience. And users will be pleased, because they’ll have a whole new range of content to read.Of course, once even bigger woolly mammoths join the party (e.g. Microsoft) – things will get even more interesting in the RSS space. Hmmm, well what’s your take on that? Has Yahoo! gained a jump on Microsoft and even Google when it comes to Content? richard macmanus Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#web#Web 2.0 center_img Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

CopperEgg Announces Real-time Cloud Performance Monitoring with RevealCloud

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… The startup CopperEgg, born from some old hands in the networking space, announced its Reveal Cloud real-time performance monitoring solution today as part of its debut. While only available for Linux and Unix servers, it is an interesting idea. You can sign-up here and start in a matter of seconds, for free. The idea is to track problems before they fester, because you are only as good as your cloud provider’s uptime, as Digg and others who have been hurt from AWS’ availability issues can attest. You can also do benchmarking across cloud providers, something that is catching on. To instrument your servers, you copy a line of code that connects them to your own Web-based dashboard. Each of your servers is keyed to your particular URL and as long as you keep it private no one else can view your stats. Information displayed includes network and CPU usage and disk activity. RevealCloud’s claim to fame is that it continuously monitors your clouds, unlike some other solutions that poll or ping every few minutes. This can highlight capacity and load issues that less frequent monitoring service might miss.Right now the service is free, but CopperEgg expects to add additional features that they will eventually start charging for. They also have a separate storage performance monitoring solution as well. CopperEgg has gotten an initial funding round from Silverton Partners and is led by Scott Johnson, who was one of the founders of Thomas-Conrad Corporation, an early networking pioneer (remember Arcnet, anyone?). This approach could be complementary to what Uptime Software is doing here. The company has put together a collection of screencast videos showing how to install and use it, and comparing what they do with AWS’ Cloud Watch service. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#cloud#cloud computing#Real Time david stromcenter_img Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more