Jagdeo tells Diaspora of assault on democracy in Guyana

first_imgLeader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo has orated that there is an attack on democracy in Guyana and more specifically supporters of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).Jagdeo made this assertion at a gathering of Guyanese living in New York and assured them that the PPP/C will win the General Elections in 2020.“Guyana needs a spirit of community to ensure that we defend our people through these dark times. There is an assault on democracy, on the people of Indian origin and there is an assault on the supporters of the PPP…” he declared.Stating that he never imagined that Guyana would return to the days of “dictatorship,” Jagdeo asserted that in just one short year it hadOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeoreturned with “full force” and even worse, in some regards, than the Burnham era.“…from snatching peoples’ land that had transport, to the passage of new laws… the budget this year, and 140 new taxes were increased and largely targeting poor people, but mainly rural poor. And you know who live in the rural areas, it is mainly our supporters,” he added.Jagdeo has been constantly berating the Government for taking the country backwards, stating that they have no vision for development. He lambasted them about the slothfulness of the economy and the passage of bills that he believes would hamper growth, and not serve the people.“Our country has taken a turn for the worse…it is something that we have to live with, we are going to work hard and when the elections come again we are going to take back Guyana,” he declared.last_img read more