Ahmed Hussen, becomes first Somali-Canadian minister in Canada

first_imgSomalia born Toronto Member of Parliament Ahmed Hussen has become the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in cabinet reshuffle by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.“I am extremely proud of our country’s history as a place of asylum, a place that opens its doors and hearts to new immigrants and refugees, and I’m especially proud today to be the minister in charge of that file,” Hussen told reporters outside the House of Commons on Tuesday.Hussen made history after he was elected in 2015 as the first Somali-Canadian MP in the riding of York South-Weston, Toronto.Hussein who is a lawyer by profession and a community activist traveled alone to Canada from Somalia at 16 in 1993 from Mogadishu. The former Somali refugee co-founded the Regent Park Community Council and was able to secure a $500 million revitalization project for Regent Park, all while ensuring the interests of the area’s nearly 15,000 residents were protected.last_img read more

Tough going at windy Green Valley

first_imgThere were eight groups out in two divisions with the cut at 7-16 in division 1 and 17+ in the second.  Thirty six points was the best score in both groups with Steve Greene winning division 1 after beating Kari Aarnio on a 17/16 back nine count back.  Heikki Alanko was third on 34 points.The two French boys were first and second in division 2; Jean Morel won with an even par 36 points and Yves Bosset came second one point behind while Bryan Priestley took third with 34.This was our only game of the week as we were at the I.P.G.C. Club Championship at Pattana on Wednesday and Friday (the report of which can be seen on page 46 – Ed.).Near pins went to Kari Kuparinen (2), Raivo Velsberg, Chris Voller, Gordon Everingham, Mauri Friman and Rudi Schaefer.In the two’s today there were 4 on the 12th hole for Gordon Everingham, Kari Kuparinen, Norman McKinnon and Bryan Priestley, while Eero birdied the 9th in division 1. Jomtien Golf with the IPGCMonday, December 12, Green Valley – StablefordThere was a cool breeze here today as we waited on the first tee and on some of the holes later in the round this became a mild to strong wind, blowing from all directions.  Normally the scores here are well up in the thirty’s but today was a true test of golf. last_img read more

OVERTIME: Top 10 you could care less about. Hollywood Hook­ups

first_imgBILL NEAL:10—First of all thanks to the crew for the help again. Secondly you need to know I am at the coolest spot in town.  Don’t ask, if I tell ya I have to kill ya! Thirdly, last week’s Top 10 got such rave reviews that I had to go to the wall again:  Here’s a Top 10 you could care less about. Hollywood Hook­ups…Super-HOT and Super-NOT!!!  Don’t ask me why?No. 10. John Lennon and Yoko OnoNo. 9. Saundra Bullock and Jessie JamesNo. 8. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur MillerNo. 7. Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestNo. 6. Scarlett Johnansson and Roman DauriacNo. 5. Heidi Klum and Seal tied with Janet Jackson and Jermaine DupreeNo. 4. Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett tied with Ike and TinaNo. 3. Jennifer Lopez and Marc AnthonyNo. 2. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta JonesNo. 1. And the No. 1 Super-HOT and Super-NOT for all the current reasons Kris Kardashian and Bruce “I don’t know who I am” Jenner:09—OK let’s get back to sports stuff…DUH!  The Pirates swept the Diamondbacks. Not a greatest but a sweep is a sweep.:08—The Clippers just made it interesting. Tied it up 2-2 with the Spurs. Trust me “Pop” will see to it that they don’t win another game!:07—The Penguins are done. Guess you fire the coach again!:06—Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will square off Friday night and the winner will be Mayweather! Take it to the bank!:05—In case your living under a huge rock somewhere be advised that yours truly and Odell Richardson host the B-PEP talk show every last and first Saturday of the month at 12:00 noon on 1360 AM WBGN Radio.  Listen in or call but get in on the conversation.  Your community interest is counting on you.:04—Speaking of great fights; do yourself a favor and pull out your Ali-Foreman “Rumble in the Jungle” VHS tape and be reminded of the greatest that was Muhamad Ali. Told everybody he was gonna knock him out, talked to George the whole fight, roped-a-doped him and came out unscratched.  Ali boom aya…Ali boom aya…Ali boom aya!!:03—Achieving Greatness Inc., is still looking for intelligent, aggressive, self-motivated, hardworking, get it done at all cost Executive Leaders to join our team.  There are no limits to how great you can be.  “Greatness Lies Within You.” Call 412-628-4856 if you are interested and serious.:02—You know I’ve never said this before.  If you’re reading this you already know.  But you still need to tell any and everybody you know that need to be subscribing to the New Pittsburgh Courier.  One of the oldest Black newspapers in America…C’mon Man!!!:01—Spurs and CAV’s…LET’S GET IT ON!!!:00—Alex Rodriquez AKA A-Rod is giving the baseball world the finger…Six (6) home runs and counting.  Watch out Willie Mays:00:00—Double overtime Achieving Greatness Inc., will sponsor the first annual high school Jr. and Sr. students athletes life skills seminar Saturday, May 30, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.  To enter your student male or female at no cost, call 412-628-4856.  Lunch, t-shirt and presentations form former college and pro athletes will be providedGame overlast_img read more

Inside Conditions…Orange Crushed

first_imgAUBREY BRUCEWhen I observed the Pittsburgh Steelers offense last Sunday afternoon and evening being dominated by the Denver Broncos defense, I immediately thought of the “orange crush.”For a few of you millennials out there who have no idea what of what I am referring to; “The Orange Crush Defense was the 3–4 defense of the Denver Broncos during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The team adopted the 3–4 defense during the 1976 season, and the nickname “Orange Crush” for the team’s defense was popularized early in the 1977 season by [the Denver Post] sportswriter/broadcaster Woody Paige.”(Wikipedia.com)I actually sat about three seats away from Woody during the game and I will feature his take on the game and the remainder of the AFC playoff teams and wild card hopefuls next week.Now back to the subject at hand.  In the first half of the game, the Steelers both offensively and defensively looked like Jekyll and Hyde.  In the second half they appeared more like Bonnie and Clyde, taking very few prisoners and the POW’s that they did take into custody, they ended up “executing” without so much as even issuing any ransom demands.Unlike in the first two quarters, Denver’s #1 defense morphed from Attila the Hun into Attila the “Hunted,” roaming the Asian Steppes on Georgia mules instead of Arabian stallions.The Broncos almost flawless offense, (they had 8 third down attempts in the first half and converted all of them).  However in the second half the Broncos offense quite frankly became offensive stinking up the joint like a bunch of lactose intolerant men with no bathroom in sight.As far as the Broncos league best goes defense, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown who should be nicknamed “the human torch” after his “flicker” of a flame in quarters 1 and 2, morphed into a five alarm fire after the break burning the Broncos secondary with 16 catches for 189 yards.Brown had this to say during his post-game analysis. “Well if you want to be the best man we gotta beat the best.  “It’s not about how we started, it’s about how we finished.”The Steelers initially seemed to be tentative and unsure on offense, which was totally out of character for the #2 offense in the NFL. The first half play of the defense also was a bit out of character for a defense that previously in week #14 smacked around their AFC North Division rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincy by the score of 33-20, dominating Cincy both offensively and defensively, especially after the Bengals lost their starting QB Andy Dalton.Dalton injured the thumb on his throwing hand after making an ill-advised tackle of Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt after Tuitt intercepted a failed screen pass by Dalton with the Bengals deep inside the red zone early in the first quarter.The confidence and swagger from the previous week that Pittsburgh had after thrashing the Bengals definitely did not carry over into the contest against the Broncos.In the first half the Steelers looked like Bambi staring into the headlights.  In the second half the Black and Gold was more reminiscent of a twelve point buck crashing through a storefront window trashing the place, exiting before the arrival of animal control.Pittsburgh Bred Hip-hop star Wiz Khalifa provided his own pregame “fireworks” performing his mega-hit Steelers anthem; “Black and Yellow.”  ‘Black and Yellow” was the song that propelled Khalifa onto the national and international entertainment scene.The Steelers defeated the Broncos 34-27 after being down two touchdowns. Before the game began the Steelers and their nation may have been chanting “black and yellow,” but I am certain after their second half collapse of the Broncos Denver exited Heinz field maybe not feeling black and blue but more than likely feeling like “oranges crushed.”Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected] or 412.583.6741Follow him [email protected]last_img read more