InfraredInfused Activewear Promotes Recovery

first_imgStay on target Keto Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Car KeysCovert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your Pocket Anyone who stays active—playing sports, doing yoga, going to the gym—understands the need for high-quality workout clothes.As does Spiritus, an Australian startup crowdfunding its specially engineered activewear.The athleisure line is made from an “exclusive” fabric—the result of a collaboration with tech and textile manufacturers XT2 and Celliant.Embedded infrared fibers help promote blood circulation, energy recovery, and cell regeneration, while silver material kills bacteria to prevent odors and keep clothes smelling fresh. (That doesn’t mean you don’t have to shower between barre class and work.)Activewear by Spiritus (via Kickstarter)The quick-dry fabric wicks away moisture and promises drying time up to 35 percent faster than standard polyester; it also protects wearers from harmful UV radiation.“We created Spiritus with young professionals in mind,” co-founder Kevin Dinh said in a statement. “With this active wear, anyone can transition seamlessly from the office to the gym. They will feel less sore after their workout, and Spiritus dries quickly and smells fresh—even after the most strenuous workout, whether outside or in the gym.”Collections are available now to pre-order—as individual pieces or a bundle. Keep in mind, though, that male clothes (T-shirt, tank top, compression shorts) cost about $40 less than the female set (crop top, tank, leggings)—the result of divergent production costs, Spiritus told Geek in an email.Activewear by Spiritus (via Kickstarter)This isn’t the manufacturer’s first Kickstarter rodeo: Spiritus last month launched the same campaign, which shuttered after two weeks, only to relaunch on July 11. A smart move, it seems, as the company surpassed 100 percent funding only four days later.As of press time, Spiritus activewear has collected more than $8,000 from 75 backers; interested customers have 21 more days to pledge.The Melbourne-based team includes engineer Dihn, sports-shoe entrepreneur Kent Le, fashion designer Brianna Wood, and an in-house personal trainer.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our surveylast_img read more