Apple kills iPad 3 rumors

first_imgThere were several rumors floating around the Internet that pointed to a possible release of an iPad 3 later this year, but thankfully now that the iPad 2 is here we don’t have to worry too much about such rumors. That’s mainly because the Apple press conference I have just watched had Steve Jobs state that 2010 was the year of the iPad and 2011 will be the year of the iPad 2, so the corporate is going to focus primarily on the new model.Thank goodness for that, as I think most people will be getting a little tired of all the iPad 2 rumors fluttering around the web, let alone starting more iPad 3 ones so soon. If I was to break silence on my last statement for just a moment, we can at least read between the lines and use the lack of an SD card slot or USB port on the iPad 2 to support a theory that Apple may well have saved these features for the 3rd installment, these and the higher resolution display that we spoke of last month.Personally, I was glad to see that Steve Jobs did the majority of the conference yesterday as it was hopefully a sign that he was on the mend. I also found it interesting how Jobs made a dig at all the competitors in the market who are still trying to emulate the success of the iPad. Something made even more difficult now by that tablet dropping to just $399.In some ways the figures he used to describe the success of the iPad were not to be sneezed at. 15 million iPads sold in 2010 alone is impressive, and that was just from April to December. Compare this to Samsung’s Galaxy tab which sold a mere 2 million.With the iPad 2 launch I can see yet more awards and competition crushing. The bar has been raised again with 65,000 apps already available, a power efficient dual-core A5 CPU on-board, and a design that looks fantastic.I for one am looking forward to getting my hands on the iPad 2 when it starts shipping later this month.Read more at Apple insiderlast_img read more