The Best And Worst Teams Of 2018 In Almost Any Sport

102018-19*New York JetsNFL133244 RankSeasonTeamSportElo RatingRelative Rank Since 2000 82017-18Phoenix SunsNBA127721 RankSeasonTeamSportElo RatingRelative Rank from bottom 92018-19*Clemson TigersCFB210618 62017-18Golden State WarriorsNBA174511 32018-19*Alabama Crimson TideCFB22293 22018Houston AstrosMLB15982 32018Miami MarlinsMLB143015 72018-19*New Orleans SaintsNFL173011 92018-19*Arizona CardinalsNFL132639 62018-19*UTEP MinersCFB93219 52017-18Alabama Crimson TideCFB22116 102017-18Philadelphia EaglesNFL171818 12018Boston Red SoxMLB16101 In terms of pure Elo rating, the most dominant pro team of 2018 was the Golden State Warriors, who finished their own championship season with a 1745 mark. That was enough for us to anoint them the NBA’s greatest-ever dynasty, since it was their third title in four years. That said, the 2018 Warriors were also a victim of their own previous success. One reason they ranked “only” 11th in the NBA in Elo since 2000 was that three previous Golden State teams rate among the top 10 (the 2016-17 team came in first, the 2014-15 team was second, and the 2015-16 team was ninth). Also, their high raw Elo doesn’t earn them as high a rank as it would in other leagues because the best NBA teams tend to have much larger Elo ratings than their counterparts in other sports, which we adjust for by measuring each team relative to the best teams in its own sport.Perhaps surprisingly, the Villanova Wildcats’ NCAA championship season ranks ahead of the Warriors by this accounting. That’s because ’Nova — on the heels of its second national championship in three years — was more dominant relative to other recent champs. Other than Villanova’s own 2015-16 team (which ranks second-best among college basketball teams since 2000 by Elo), no other college team this decade cracked the top seven in Elo. By contrast, a number of recent NBA teams finished their seasons with better Elo marks than Golden State.You’ll notice a few teams listed above are still in the middle of their seasons. The Alabama Crimson Tide are rewriting their own considerable record books this season, currently forging the third-best college football Elo season since 2000. And although the New Orleans Saints are far from a Super Bowl lock, they have separated themselves from the pack more than we might be inclined to think, with a more than 80-point lead over the No. 2 Chiefs.Before we move on to the worst teams, I want to at least acknowledge a big omission in the rankings above: hockey! (We don’t have Elo ratings for hockey.) No 2017-18 NHL team was especially dominant,4According to SRS. but I’d be curious where the 2018-19 Tampa Bay Lightning would stand in Elo. According to goal differential, they’re currently off to the league’s sixth-best 37-game start to a season since 2000, and they have an SRS score of +1.20 — a mark no team has matched over a full season since 1996.Worst team of 2018Baltimore Orioles (6th-worst season in MLB since 2000)If it wasn’t already apparent that MLB was an unbridled tankfest in 2018, the table below should underscore just how terrible this season’s crop of bad MLB teams were (mostly by design). Five of the 21 worst MLB seasons by Elo since 2000 all came in 2018, and none of this year’s teams were worse than the 47-win disgrace that played out the summer in Baltimore. Although my colleague Travis Sawchik and I concluded that the O’s could probably beat a bunch of minor leaguers, it wasn’t totally clear-cut — and that’s a ridiculous thing to be able to say about a major league ballclub. The 2018 Orioles were nothing more than a soul-crushing exercise in total futility, and it earned them the honor of our worst team of 2018. 22018Detroit TigersMLB142812 42017-18Villanova WildcatsCBB22075 * Current season still in progressTeams qualified if their season either started or ended in 2018. Among teams in MLB, the NFL, the NBA, NCAA football and NCAA men’s basketball.Source: ESPN * Current season still in progressTeams qualified if their season either started or ended in 2018. Among teams in MLB, the NFL, the NBA, NCAA football and NCAA men’s basketball.Source: ESPN 72018Kansas City RoyalsMLB143821 A cross-sport ranking of the crummiest teams of 2018Bottom 10 teams of the 2018 calendar year, based on end-of-season Elo rating relative to the worst teams in the same sport since 2000 The 2018 calendar year has been pretty incredible for sports fans. We saw a Winter Olympics and a World Cup, with Norway setting a new record for medals in the former and France’s young stars bursting onto the scene in the latter. In America’s professional ranks, some teams won their first-ever championships, while others kept winning so much we wondered if they’d broken their sport. And in college, the usual suspects continued to dominate.In commemoration of all the athletic feats we witnessed this year, we wanted to highlight the good (and the bad) of 2018 from a statistical perspective — to put everything into one bucket and see which performances, regardless of sport, will really stand out 10 or 20 years from now. I’ll mainly be sticking to the sports for which we have game-by-game Elo ratings and predictions, so that means a focus on men’s pro and college football and basketball, plus Major League Baseball. (Unfortunately, our club soccer data only goes back to 2016, so it’s difficult to put those numbers into historical context.)Even using Elo, it isn’t easy to judge teams across sports. In baseball, an Elo rating north of 1600 makes you an all-time great club; in the NBA, it makes you the sixth-best team in the Western Conference. So, to put all the teams on a similar scale, I gathered end-of-season1Or, for current seasons, the latest number available before publication. Elo marks for every team going back to 2000,2A period when the major pro leagues have all been roughly their current sizes in terms of teams and player pools. then ranked how 2018’s crop (any team whose season began or ended in this calendar year)3That means basketball and football schools and franchises can have two 2018 teams in our data set, since the previous season ended in the early part of this year and the current season began this fall. ranked relative to their sport’s best of the millennium.That process forms the basis of my best and worst team calculations. We also derived the best players of 2018 using a similar approach and determined the best upsets in the same manner, but we’ll save both of those groups for a follow-up article. OK, here goes … (Note: All data is as of Dec. 25, 2018.)Best team of 2018 Boston Red Sox (No. 1 season in MLB since 2000)As we noted after the Red Sox won the World Series in October, Boston’s championship squad belongs squarely in the conversation about the best teams in baseball history. They won 108 regular-season games, then stormed through the playoffs with an 11-3 record against a pair of 100-win American League opponents and a 92-win Dodgers team in the Fall Classic. The Red Sox’s year-end Elo rating of 1610 was easily the highest achieved by any baseball team this millennium, coming in 12 points ahead of the No. 2 team, this year’s Houston Astros — who Boston just happened to defeat in the ALCS. (Yes, it was a banner year for dominant baseball teams in 2018.) 42018Chicago White SoxMLB143417 82017-18New England PatriotsNFL172416 A cross-sport ranking of the best teams of 2018Top 10 teams of the 2018 calendar year, based on end-of-season Elo rating relative to the best teams in the same sport since 2000 52017-18Alabama A&M BulldogsCBB90817 12018Baltimore OriolesMLB14156 The UTEP Miners’ nightmarish football season is over,5They team is marked as “in progress” because while UTEP is finished, the college football season isn’t. with the Miners having somehow beaten Rice in early November to stave off a second consecutive 0-12 campaign. The 2017-18 Phoenix Suns are done too, having put the finishing touches on a 21-win season that earned them the top pick in this summer’s draft. (They took DeAndre Ayton, who seems like the real deal even if his team’s record is still horrific.)That leaves this season’s Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets, who are racing to the bottom of the NFL’s Elo rankings, as the only epically bad teams still playing. Arizona is in the driver’s seat for the No. 1 pick in next year’s draft; despite their dismal play, the Jets aren’t even currently in line for the second overall pick because they are narrowly behind in a strength-of-schedule tiebreaker with the San Francisco 49ers.That does it for the teams; we’ll be back before New Year’s with a look at the best individual players and most amazing upsets of 2018. read more

Mercedes to Produce a Fully Electric Gullwing

first_img Citation: Mercedes to Produce a Fully Electric Gullwing (2009, August 7) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further Raptor: An Electric Car Nearly Anyone Would Want to Drive Mercedes Gullwing. Image Source: The specs on this car are tantalizing to luxury lovers: 526 horsepower, 649 pound-feet of torque, 0 to 60 in four seconds. Gas 2.0 reports on how the new electric Gullwing will be powered:”The motors will be fueled by a 400-volt liquid cooled, high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack delivering 40 Ah of current. The packs will run down the center of the chassis. They can be charged via an electrical outlet and also through regenerative braking.Since an electric version of the car was considered during its design, no modifications will be needed to the car’s lightweight aluminum frame. In fact, the electrical version is expected to perform on par with the petro-based SLS. Well, except it will be quieter than its V-8 sibling.”Clearly, becoming electric will not diminish the appeal of the Gullwing for those who like their cars fast and strong.As the move toward EVs becomes more fashionable, we are likely to continue to see high-end versions of luxury cars. (And of sports cars and muscle cars that are electric.) However, these automobile wonders do not address the problems inherent to using electricity: It’s still coming from polluting oil and coal sources in many cases. I may reduce my gasoline use with an EV, but I’m still using fossil fuels when I plug the car in to recharge. While the transition to hybrids and all-electric cars is a step in a direction that is more environmentally friendly, until we start using more clean technology to power our grid, the steps made will be small indeed.© 2009 ( — While it may be inherently wasteful to enjoy luxury cars, it can still be fun to look at — and even drive — them. And, if you are concerned about the environmental impact of such cars, you can breath a little easier. At least if your idea of luxury includes the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing. Mercedes-Benz recently confirmed that it will be producing an all-electric version of the SLS AMG Supercar.last_img read more

Tiny 3D structures nanoimprinted on the end of an optical fiber

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Scientists produce microresonators with unprecedented precision The researchers, Giuseppe Calafiore, Alexander Koshelev, and coauthors at aBeam Technologies Inc., the University of California at Berkeley, and the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, have published a paper on the new nanoimprinting method in a recent issue of Nanotechnology.”The development of this new technology offers many advantages in terms of reproducibility, flexibility in the design of optical structures, as well as cost,” coauthor Keiko Munechika at aBeam Technologies told “Furthermore, this technology enables fabrication of complex optical structures comprised of material that has a high refractive index directly onto a fiber. This opens up a whole new range of fiber probes and devices, including optical tweezers and other immersion applications where other types of fiber lenses do not work.”Although there are many ways to integrate optical components with optical fibers, the bottleneck of this integration is the nanofabrication of 3-D optical components directly onto the ends of the fibers. The challenge is mainly the small surface area, since most fabrication techniques are designed for larger scales. Currently, fabrication of optical components on a fiber involves expensive and time-consuming techniques such as electron beam lithography or focused ion-beam milling, which has limited the development and widespread use of optical devices integrated on a fiber.The new method developed here uses ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography to print complex 3-D patterns on the end of an optical fiber. To demonstrate, the researchers fabricated a convoluted 3-D beam splitter that splits light into four beams of equal intensity upon exiting the fiber. Fabricating the beam splitter requires milling 255 different height levels on a 5 x 5 µm2 structure, demonstrating the high resolution and precision of the lithographic technique. As far as the researchers know, this is the highest lithographic accuracy achieved to date for imprinting complex 3-D features on the end of an optical fiber. The process can be used to imprint many other types of 3-D components that manipulate light in various ways, and do so at a high throughput and low cost. “There are many potential applications, ranging from bio sensors, and optical trapping to telecommunications,” Munechika said. “There are some conventional applications, in which bulky, expensive and difficult-to-align optics can be instead integrated on a fiber. One such example is a vortex phase mask that produces beams that carry angular momentum. It is used in STED (stimulated emission depletion) microscopy and telecommunications. Integrating it on a fiber simply makes it much easier to use and reduces cost at the same time. There are also more elaborate applications that open up new opportunities, rather than just improving existing devices. Examples include efficient near-field optical probes, fiber lenses for optical trapping, and different kinds of chemical sensors.”In the future, the researchers plan to develop technology to scale up the fabrication and work to commercialize the fiber probes. More information can be found at (a) Color version of the ion dose map, consisting of 255 different height levels, for designing the imprinted 3D structure. (b) Milled silicon mold used to make the structure. (c) Tilted-view of an optical fiber with an imprinted 3D structure. (d) Close-up image of the imprinted 3D structure. Credit: Calafiore, Koshelev, et al. ©2016 IOP Publishing More information: Giuseppe Calafiore, Alexander Koshelev, et al. “Nanoimprint of a 3-D structure on an optical fiber for light wavefront manipulation.” Nanotechnology. DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/27/37/375301 © 2016 Phys.orgcenter_img Journal information: Nanotechnology Explore further (—Scientists have developed a method for imprinting tiny yet complex 3-D structures on the tip of an optical fiber, whose 125-µm diameter is roughly the thickness of a human hair. The 3-D optical structures can manipulate the light’s properties, such as its phase and wavefront, which enables a variety of integrated optics applications including laser machining, lab-on-a-fiber, and biomedical sensors. One of the biggest advantages of the new nanoimprinting method is that it is much less expensive than previous fabrication methods, opening the doors to more widespread use. Citation: Tiny 3-D structures nanoimprinted on the end of an optical fiber (2016, August 29) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

First International Kala Mela to feature over 800 artists

first_imgWitness an amalgamation of art and artists under one roof as the Lalit Kala Akademy makes the first move by inviting over 800 artists from across the globe for their International Kala Mela. To inaugurate the event, M. Venkiah Naidu, Vice President of India, along with Dr Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Culture lighted the lamp at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi (IGNCA) on February 4. On the auspicious occasion, M.Venkaiah Naidu, talked on Indian art, culture and its values. He stated, “Different language, different couture, yet it’s one country. Unity in diversity is India’s speciality.” Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe first of its kind in the country, this Kala Mela does not just provide a platform for artists from abroad, it also showcases art and celebrates various cultural forms of India.Dr Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Culture also addressed the attendees on the occasion. He said, “India’s recognition is in its dense culture. Presence of the Vice President on the occasion of the inauguration of first International Kala Mela is an expression of his desire to spread the fragrance of India’s diverse culture in each corner of the world.” Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe Minister of Culture also congratulated CS Krishna Setty, Administrator, Lalit Kala Academy and his entire team for organizing such a great fair.”This is for the first time that the Akademi has planned the International Kala Mela at such a large scale. It is going to prove a boon to especially those artists who cannot afford to exhibit their works of art in private art galleries. With a firm commitment to the art fraternity, the Kala Mela will be a great delight to observe the paradigms of the contemporary nuances of the modernistic trends in art,” said Setty in his welcome speech. The inauguration ceremony was followed by folk dance presentation by Karunadasa Olaboduwa Dance Troupe, Sri lanka and ‘Sargam’ Kathak recital by Pandit Harish Gangani’s team, India.With a total of 325 exhibition stalls, this festival, which has participants coming from countries like China, Venezuela, Peru, Portugal, Sri lanka, Poland, Tunisia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Trinidad Tobago, Fiji, France, Papua New Guinea, Czechia, UK, Spain and Brazil, will be open for public till February 17.last_img read more

Watch YouTube Star Casey Neistat Ride a Drone Dressed As Santa

first_img 1 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Casey Neistat is wrapping up an incredible year. Fresh off his deal to sell his video-sharing app Beme to CNN for a cool $25 million, the YouTube star is looking for fresh new ways to keep himself entertained.So, why not construct a drone that’s powerful enough to lift a human high off the ground? And by human, we mean Neistat himself. Dressed as a snowboarding Santa Claus.Of course. Happy holidays!Related: This Might be the Most Ridiculous Contraption Ever ConstructedWhat better application of drone technology, right? For fans of Wu-Tang Clan and the late ODB, the music will be a pleasant surprise as well.This isn’t the first time Neistat has made a viral snowboarding video. Earlier this year, he shot a video of himself on a snowboard, being towed by a Jeep through the snow-covered streets of New York City. That video has more than 15.5 million views. December 20, 2016center_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now »last_img read more