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We just made TV history! 2015 Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. was that of former Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi. as he stood side by side with Japanese Minister of Defense Itsunori Onodera. hiccups are a nuisance. the report said,BEIRUT (Reuters) – Government helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Deraa city for the first time in nearly a year on Monday DraftKings and FanDuel will argue that Schneiderman has misinterpreted state gambling laws,chemicals in plastic containers leaching into food such as Bisphenol A an oestrogen mimic and hormone disruptor causing many health issues including abnormal penis development in men Other chemicals commonly found in plastics that have been flagged for health concerns include phthalates that are widely found in many personal care products and food packaging products Then there are microplastics – found in fleeces toothpaste and cosmetics – whichare impossible to collect let alone recycle And a recent study found 10 plastic particles per litre of water in 93 percent of packaged drinking water brands worldwide We are ingesting plastic whose impact on health is not fully understood Awareness of these harms is only the first step in the step to management Managing plastic waste is very different from merely banning plastic Toarrive at workable solutions we need to understand the types of plastic where (and why) they are used and why successful plastic waste management has eluded us thus far Types of plastic Plastics come in many types with each type of plastic waste requiring different handling One common variety is Polyethylene terephthalate or PET This type of plastic is made into water or soda bottles or into polyester yarn If we collect the bottles separately they can be melted and made into polyester fibre again which can be processed into textiles A well-developed ecosystem for processing these bottles exists but the segregated collection mechanism still needs to be geared up Another type of plastic is high density polyethylene (or HDPE) which is a tough opaque plastic that goes into making shampoo bottles or grocery bags This again can be collected melted and recycled if it is segregated at source HDPE’s cheaper variant Low density polyethylene (or LDPE) is lightweight water-resistant and flexible and is thus ideally suited for packaging as is its cousin Polypropylene LDPE Polypropylene and Styrofoam are the hardest types of plastic to recycle and should ideally be replaced with something easier to recycle Recently there has also been talk of biodegradable plastic One caveat: at Sundaram Climate Institute we have been testing some of the available biodegradable plastic packaging to see if they in fact degrade One type of cover was shredded and then fed into a composter; in repeated trials it did not degrade We have buried samples of several types of biodegradable plastic we procured and even after a couple of years they have remained intact If we were to classify plastic by use there are single use plastics – straws grocery bags mineral water bottles and the like –and plastics that last a little longer such as pencil boxes and plastic furniture The current campaign focusses on banning single use plastic But does it or will it work Kodaikanal a hill station in Tamil Nadu has banned plastic with many local shops handing out purchases in paper bags or cardboard boxes But the drains and the empty spaces in Kodaikanal are covered in plastic Bans clearly don’t work What can Moving towards solutions The key to adding bite to any ban is to understand the incentives inplay Plastic is so ubiquitous because it is cheap lightweight water-resistant mouldable great for printing on and strong It is cheap partly because it bears no part of the cost of its damage to the environment Today companies and individuals for the most part do not directly pay for the costs of managing their plastic waste These would include the training the monitoring and the infrastructure required to segregate and then further safely process plastic waste – whether it is melting and making new granules or shipping plastic waste to a cement kiln There are plastic management rules but these are not uniformly implemented And as long as customers are quite happy buying their goods in some form of plastic packaging because the costs of plastic are diffuse while the added effort of segregating their waste and paying for a more manageable form of plastic packaging is felt to be direct and onerous any plastic ban or rule is never going to have any bite For plastic waste to become a resource plastic items and packaging must be designed from recyclable material which may (or may not) cost more Consumers will need to segregate their wet and dry waste and then the plastic management ecosystem needs to develop to manage the plastic portion of dry waste For any of this to take root the individual (that’s you and me) needs to play their part to enable the creation of a plastic management ecosystem Pockets of success exist Some companies are partnering with entities like Saahas (a private waste management startup in Bengaluru) to have their plastic packaging collected and delivered to cement kilns to be used there Such packaging cannot have food waste mixed in so segregation is key Saahas buys the packaging at Rs 4 per kilo from waste-pickers providing them extra income Other companies like Tetrapak have moved ahead and are creating new products from their packaging waste like roofing sheets Yet another example of plastic waste management is the recycling of plastic water and soda bottles which are made into PET flakes There are more than 7000 plastic recyclers in the country employing over a million people as per a 2014 FICCI report The polyester yarn made from these recycled bottles can be used in many applications and is cheaper than a similar quality yarn made from virgin polyester On the one hand we could of course post pictures of cleaning beaches on World Environment Day and feel smug about having done our bit But how much better will it be if we accept that we must pay the cost for a more sustainable management of plastic rather than paying the price of plastic’s damage to our environment The writer is the founder of the Sundaram Climate Institute cleantech angel investor and author of The Climate Solution – India’s Climate Crisis and What We Can Do About It published by Hachette in June Follow her work on her website; on Twitter; or write to her at [email protected] By Diane Bartz WASHINGTON (Reuters) – If Democrats win control of the House of Representatives in next week’s elections and create a divided US Congress as they are seen as likely to do the number of bills with a chance of passing falls dramatically But two areas of general agreement between the Democrats Republicans and President Donald Trump stand out as having a high potential of successful legislation: lowering prescription drug prices and new regulations to protect online privacy Democrats need a net gain of 23 seats in the Nov 6 elections to take control of the House and opinion polls generally give them a good chance of doing so They are not expected to take a majority in the Senate Getting legislation through Congress is a heavy lift in the best of times If power is split the new Congress that convenes in January even as the next presidential election season gets underway would get even less done House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said this month that Democrats want to "lower healthcare costs reducing the price of Rx (prescription) drugs increasing paychecks by building the infrastructure of America and cleaner government" Democratic lawmakers will also focus on giving consumers control over their personal data online a tricky subject in an age when advertising finances vast amounts of free content according to lobbyists privacy advocates executives and congressional aides If Republicans manage to hold the House lawmakers will likely pressure social media companies like Twitter for allegedly suppressing conservative voices something the companies have denied doing and try again to trim back Obamacare "I don’t think they’ll go full out ‘repeal and replace’ but there might be smaller items" to nick away at the ACA’s foundations said Rachel Stauffer of McDermottPlus Consulting referring to the Affordable Care Act Republicans have battled former President Barack Obama’s healthcare law since it passed in 2010 viewing the effort to extend healthcare coverage as government overreach but legislation last year to overturn much of the law failed despite the Republican control of Congress DRUG PRICING But one health issue that Republican President Donald Trump Republicans and Democratic lawmakers have all inveighed against is high drug prices Roger Klein a healthcare expert and member of the conservative Federalist Society predicted that even a divided Congress could pass a bill aimed at bringing the prices down Critics have long accused brand name drug companies of abusing an arcane Food and Drug Administration system that limits distribution of some medicines and lets them avoid giving samples to generic drug companies Without samples generic companies cannot prove their medicines are as safe and effective as the more expensive brand name drugs Drug industry experts expect lawmakers to once again take up the proposed Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples (CREATES) Act of 2018 which allows generic companies to sue brand name drug companies to get these samples The Senate version has 30 co-sponsors fairly evenly split between the two parties Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb specifically addressed the issue in May 2018 saying the agency would inform the Federal Trade Commission if drug companies refuse to provide samples and inaccurately tell generic companies it is because of REMS distribution restrictions Democratic Representative David Cicilline will introduce the CREATES Act again in the next Congress according to a congressional aide "Prospects for the CREATES Act improve if the Democrats take over the House" said Erik Komendant of the Association for Accessible Medicines which represents the generic pharmaceutical industry ? 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