Major backing for MEI events in Brisbane

first_imgThe Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane, Australia, is the venue for a week of conferences in August/September organised by MEI. The week kicks off with Discrete Element Methods ’07, August 27-29, with over 140 international papers scheduled to be presented. The conference is sponsored by CSIRO, JKMRC, SMI, Itasca, Metso Minerals, DEM Solutions and The Centre for Sustainable Resource Processing (CSRP – the subject of International Mining’s Research Focus in the June issue).Following DEM ’07 is the two-day Precious Metals ’07, and then from September 1-2, the 2nd annual conference on Automated Mineralogy, organised in collaboration with Intellection, and sponsored by JK Tech, SGS Mineral Services, Bruker AXS, Struers, Gold & Minerals Gazette and International Mining, which has attracted a strong international programme.Full details of these conferences, including the technical programmes, can be found at: read more

Sandvik helps encourage young people towards a mining career in Ontario Canada

first_imgMining activities proved to be among the star attractions at Skills Canada Ontario’s 21st annual technological skills competitions held in Waterloo recently.  The Ontario Mining Association and a number of member companies were a major part of the event, which attracted more than 30,000 students, teachers and parents.  The competition itself saw approximately 1,800 students compete in 63 contest events. One of the main attractions at RIM Park was a 50-t, C$1-million twin-boom jumbo drill, which was provided by Peter Larsen from Sandvik.  This impressive piece of underground mining equipment was a hit with students. Tanya Karns and Seline Lemieux from Sandvik helped visitors become more familiar with the high-tech machinery.  The mining area featured a simulator for operating the jumbo drill, which often had line-ups of people waiting to test their skills. There were also a number of skills activities correlated with the six mining career paths, which are featured in Skills Canada Ontario’s high school publication. On a special day dedicated to grade 7 and 8 students, six classes from schools in Toronto, Orangeville, Cambridge, Guelph, Mississauga and Kitchener gained a flavour of what it takes to succeed in several mining jobs. Those jobs were production miner, mine technologist, instrumentation and remote control technician, geological technician, environmental technician and health and safety technician.Working with Lesley Hymers from the OMA on these activities were representatives from several OMA member companies.  They included Aileen Pajunen and Roger Souckey from Hemlo Mines; Chris Bamberger from Vale; Mike Bartsch and Matthew De Los Santos from Windsor Salt, and; Don Rivera, Drew Dalgleish, Pat O’Connell and Matthias Van De Hoef from Compass Minerals (Sifto Salt). While the OMA was an active participant, it was also gaining recognition for its support of the goals of Skills Canada Ontario.  At the awards ceremony, the OMA presented several medals to winners and Peter McBride, OMA Manager of Communications, was presented with the Glenn Beatty Award.  This memorial award is given annually “to a volunteer who embodies dedication and passion for Skills Canada Ontario.”Skills Canada Ontario, which opened its doors in 1989, is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate to promote careers in skilled trades and technologies as viable, first-choice employment options for young people in Ontario.  More than 600,000 students benefit from the programs and activities Skills Canada Ontario facilitates each year.  The organisation works through partnerships with industry, education, labour and government. The OMA is involved in an agreement with Skills Canada Ontario to support the work of liaison officers making presentations in schools, to contribute to the SKILLS WORK! book publication and to promote mining involvement and general awareness of the technological skills competitions.  The OMA is pleased to lend a hand to the work of this group in its efforts to let young people know the facts about exciting opportunities that exist in the skilled trades and technologies fields – and mining.  Thanks to all of those mentioned above and to their companies for their dedication and enthusiasm, which made the mining area one of the most popular spots to visit during the Skills Canada Ontario’s 21st annual technological skills competition and the national technological skills competition.last_img read more

Laser measurement specialist MDL sells stake to finance global expansion

first_imgLASER measurement technology specialist Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL) is to accelerate its drive to become a worldclass laser measurement technology manufacturing business after raising finance by selling a 29% shareholding to global metrology and healthcare products manufacturer Renishaw. MDL products are designed to be used in rugged environments, to improve accuracy, enhance user safety and increase productivity. They are used in scores of applications worldwide in quarrying and mining. Family-owned business MDL, which has bases in York, Aberdeen and Houston, USA; will use the finance to fund its expansion in the fast-growing global eye-safe, time-of-flight laser measurement technology sector which it has helped pioneer since it was founded in 1983. An agreement with Renishaw provides for the remaining MDL shares to be acquired during the next four years.No changes are anticipated at MDL, which has more than 50 staff, with founder Steve Ball remaining President in Houston and Elaine Ball remaining Managing Director in the UK. Steve Ball is also the Chairman of the MDL Group.Renishaw is a major international manufacturing business with 1,358 staff in the UK and 741 overseas. The company, which has a £181.6 million turnover, was founded in 1979 by Chairman and CEO, Sir David McMurtry and Deputy Chairman, John Deer.The company’s core skills are in measurement, motion control, precision machining, spectroscopy and medical devices with products that help customers enhance their manufacturing efficiency, raise product quality, maximise research capabilities and improve the efficacy of medical procedures.Within the metrology sector, Renishaw products are used in applications that encompass machine tool automation, high-speed component measurement, machine calibration and position feedback.Steve Ball says: “The similarities between MDL and Renishaw are amazing. The main difference being that Renishaw measures small things and we measure large things. With Renishaw’s support and investment, MDL will accelerate its drive to become a worldclass company benefiting all our stakeholders and customers.”Renishaw assistant Chief Executive, Ben Taylor, says “We are very pleased to announce our acquisition of a stake in MDL. We have many reasons to be interested in such a high-quality business, one being that its laser systems complement Renishaw’s own metrology products and have potential to be integrated with them.“MDL will retain its independent distribution network although, where there are gaps, they may benefit by support from our own global subsidiary network. It is our intention that the two businesses will also share their extensive knowledge of measurement technologies to develop new products for various measurement applications.”MDL has two operating divisions: Sensors, which designs and manufactures generic time-of-flight laser distance meters and Systems, which designs and manufactures laser-based positioning and 3D-scanning products.last_img read more

New Liebherr mine haulers and excavators

first_imgAt MINExpo 2012, Liebherr will introduce two diesel-electric haul trucks in Las Vegas: the new T 284 as the follow-up to the successful T 282 C in the 400 short-ton class, and the newly-designed T 264 aiming to move Liebherr into the 240 short-ton payload class. Liebherr will also introduce two new large hydraulic excavators: a face shovel version of the 386-t R 9400 as well as the brand new 140-t R 9150. The exhibit space also shows large earthmoving and lifting equipment used for supporting work on mining equipment. Liebherr will also be displaying and demonstrating various customer support solutions.Millions of operating hours and years of design experience have come together to create Liebherr’s newest ultra-class mining truck: the T 284. Liebherr says the T 284 offers the highest payload in the industry and features the latest generation of the Litronic Plus AC drive system. Built with many Liebherr-designed systems and components, the T 284 serves as the platform for future advances in mining truck technology. Developed and built by Liebherr, the proven Litronic Plus drive system determines the optimal way to extract power from the diesel engine. With this system more power is available to accelerate the truck and climb grades. This system also conserves fuel when the engine is idling. In this way the Litronic Plus system minimises fuel consumption and maximises performance. Liebherr’s goal is to use as much of the truck’s load-carrying capacity as possible for payload.Backed by 30 years of proven design and operational experience, Liebherr re-enters the 240 ton payload class with the T 264. This fuel-efficient mining truck is built for safety and reliability, and is sized to match the Liebherr R 996 B and R 9800 hydraulic excavators, as well as electric shovels and wheel loaders for optimal performance.In order to maintain a safe working environment, the T 264 features payload and overload warnings. An anti-rollback feature keeps the truck stationary when stopped on grades in either forward or reverse. The advanced Traction Control System with four-wheel speed sensing capability automatically adjusts torque to the rear wheels in order to maximise traction when cornering, accelerating from a standstill, or travelling down wet or icy roads. Developed by Liebherr exclusively for mining trucks, this system enables operators to consistently maintain steering control and truck stability. The integrated electronic system monitors, records, and outputs vital truck health and performance data. Data is stored and available for download to perform detailed analysis. This system supports predictive maintenance strategies to minimize unscheduled downtime.The brand new R 9150 hydraulic mining excavator is ideal for loading 50-t trucks and offers a wide array of uses. The advanced R 9150 is the successor of the Liebherr R 984 C. Offering the largest bucket capacity in its class combined with its high digging forces and optimal cycle time, the R 9150 is the most powerful excavator in the small class mining market, the company says.The R 9150’s new, modern cab design offers ideal working conditions and optimal operator comfort. Its one-piece windscreen provides a panoramic view over the entire machine and loading area. The R 9150 is equipped with a new monitoring system also used on the R 9800. By providing complete monitoring functionality and textual maintenance information, this system enables easy machine operation management and quick dysfunction diagnostics.The R 9150 is equipped with the same Liebherr V12 diesel engine as the R 9100, specifically designed to withstand extreme exterior temperatures and fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. Integrating the latest engine management system, the R 9150 complies with USA/EPA Tier 2 emission limits.The R 9400 is built for performance in the medium class mining market andis the ideal machine to load 150-t trucks. Available in two configurations, either diesel or electric, the R 9400 offers the flexibility to perform in any application. The R 9400 is powered by the Cummins QSK50 diesel engine which complies with the USA/EPA Tier 2 emissions limits. The electric drive version is an efficient alternative for applications that do not require frequent machine relocation. The power system makes the R 9400 cost effective without compromising productivity whilst reducing the machines impact on the environment.The production-tailored attachment kinematics combined with a mining-optimised bucket shape ensure the highest crowd and breakout forces. Even under tough conditions the R 9400’s high digging force allows easy bucket penetration and high bucket fill factors to achieve high productivity. The machine is available with a wide range of buckets and Liebherr Ground Engaging Tools to cover all mining applications.Optimising electrical, mechanical and hydraulic power distribution, the Litronic Plus System allows for easy control even when simultaneous movements are required. Every attachment cylinder is fitted with the patented Liebherr Electronic Damping System which provides controlled end-cushioning for fast and smooth machine’s motions. In addition, the R 9400 is equipped with the ‘Pressureless Boom Down Function’ to enable fast cylinder retraction without the need for pump energy. Intelligent and power-oriented energy management diverts the pump flow during boom lowering, allowing other cylinder motions to operate unimpeded.last_img read more

Booyco Electronics products reduce underground fire risks

first_img“It is incumbent upon mine owners to institute comprehensive risk assessments followed by an action plan that incorporates the appropriate sensing and monitoring equipment, to drastically reduce the risk of underground fires,” says Anton Lourens, Managing Director of Booyco Electronics.The leading causes of mine fires are flame cutting and welding operations, frictional heating and ignitions, electrical shorts, mobile equipment malfunctions, gas leakage and spontaneous combustion. The Benxihu colliery disaster in China cost 1 549 lives and is believed to be the worst ever coal mining disaster. The tragedy occurred on April 26, 1942 in the Honkeiko coal mine, located near Benxi in the Liaoning province of China. The fatal explosion of the underground coal mine was caused by a mixture of gas and coal dust.The fact that mine fires continue to occur with alarming regularity reinforces the importance of recognising and eliminating the potential hazards and the overall need for improved fire detection, control and suppression technology to ensure the best possible outcome during a mine fire.Booyco Electronics has a number of products that have been designed and developed for local mining conditions. Leveraging the vast experience and knowledge accruing to the company’s team of engineers and technicians, the company has worked closely with its mining customers to find solutions to the specific risks apparent underground. The EXia T4 Intrinsically Safe ESI Smart Sensor meets the requirements for gas monitoring at fixed locations and incorporates unique design features that effectively address the shortcomings of conventional sensor instrumentation. These features include a localised display of sensor information and the ability to measure one of 15 different gases from a single controller. Gases typically measured by the unit include oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), flammable gases such as methane (CH4) and combustible gases such as carbon monoxide (CO).The modular design of the IP56 ESI Smart Sensor makes repair and calibration easy. Should a sensor fail, then only this sensor unit need be removed, eliminating the need to open the main enclosure to install a new sensor. Similarly when the sensor calibration expires, the sensors can be replaced in situ with new pre-calibrated sensors. The IP68 rated Sentient handheld unit was developed specifically to improve safety in underground mining and in any confined spaces in surface plants, and is the first multi-gas instrument in South Africa that also measures relative humidity as a standard offering. The Sentient is also available with Fire Patrol capabilities. Distinguished by its bright red seal, the Fire Patrol Sentient is inserted into outstations located in specific areas underground, where it records date, time, gas and humidity measurements.By instituting a downloading network configuration, users can gather data from up to 500 Sentient units in a matter of minutes. Specialised web-based software enables various reports to be generated, such as detailed information on gas detected in the underground environment, peak values, TWA values, pre-shift tested values, calibration reports and “no movement” reports. The low maintenance Sentient is protected against water ingress and features is a drop protection capability that automatically switches off the sensor if the instrument is dropped.The Remcon Fire Detection system has proven highly popular with many of the industry’s leading mines, with one installation deploying 750 sensors. The popularity of the system is due to its adherence to the mining industry’s requirements for reliable monitoring of gases underground. Incorporating Booyco Electronics’ Smart Sensor enables the Remcon Fire Detection system to provide localised display of sensor information and with its plug and play format, system maintenance can be conducted with ease, allowing sensors to be replaced underground without the need for recalibration. The Remcon Fire Detection system uses open wire modem technology and can run over long distances, making it ideal for use in mines. The control room system is able to use any industrial type SCADA software package, such as Adroit, iFix, Citect, InTouch and Wincc.“Mine fires represent one of the greatest threats to those working in the underground mine environment. Booyco Electronics will continue to collaborate with customers to develop products that decrease the risks through ongoing sensing and measuring of gas,” Lourens concludes.last_img read more

MAXAM reflects on 25 years of Santa Barbara Innovation Awards

first_imgMAXAM is celebrating the 25th edition of its Santa Barbara Innovation Awards, a pioneering initiative in the industry aimed at the company’s more than 6,500 employees.Through these awards the technology company, which specialises in energetic materials, seeks to promote a culture of innovation at all levels of the organisation, MAXAM said.According to Miguel Ángel Flórez, Chief Technology Officer of the company, these awards have inspired some of the company’s most innovative work.“MAXAM’s professionals in the field face complicated and extremely differing environments such as a mine in Siberia in -40°C, underwater blasting machines in Panama, or projects in sub-Saharan Africa in over 40° of heat,” he said.“It is they who can quickly detect any new challenge to improve the security and efficiency of operations. Thanks to them, to the nonconformist, innovative spirit of our teams, some significant technological advances have emerged from Santa Barbara that respond to the specific needs of our customers.”In the last 10 years alone, the awards have spawned innovative developments aimed at increasing the efficiency, precision and security of blasting solutions for mining and civil engineering.For example, the success of the Panama Canal extension project, completed by MAXAM in 2015, saw technologies such as the RIOBLAST design and simulation software and the on-site assembled explosive product via trucks play key roles; both developed from their presentation at the Santa Barbara Innovation Awards by employees of the company.Other significant developments made from winning ideas for the company have been the BER system for the real-time visual inspection of boreholes and the RIOSENSOR device, which contribute to clear security, efficiency and productivity improvements in the mining projects.The awards are open to any employee, who has the opportunity to identify and propose new ideas and solutions that generate a differential value for the company and its customers.last_img read more

Bosna has financial problems – Three players left Sarajevo

Last season TOP 16 European team, Champion of Bosna and Herzegovina, Bosna BH Gas from Sarajevo is in deep financial crisis. Without a single point in the Velux EHF Champions League this year, Bosna’s coach, Irfan Smajlagic is faced with a lot financial and other troubles. Team from Sarajevo had to postponed some matches in SEHA League because of current situation (Metalurg – two games planned for this week). In a few days, three important players, goalkeeper, Sandro Uvodic, right back, Josip Pazin and right wing, Luka Rakovic made a mutual agreement and left Sarajevo. ← Previous Story Kukucka at Kadetten until 2015! Next Story → WCh in Brasil 2011: World Champion is out – France for the medals! Bosna SArajevo handballSandro Uvodic

Itxako withdraws from playing in the Champs League

Itxako’s club website announced that the club won’t be competing in the Champions League because they woulnd’t be able to meet all the criteria, and that the team might be actually playing in the EHF-Cup. This speaks clearly of the financial handball crisis that is now actual in the Spanish handball, visible mostly through many players leaving ASOBAL for other leagues, and now this with Itxako cancelling their spot in the Champions League. champions leagueItxako ← Previous Story Larholm to Pick Szeged! Next Story → Antonio Robredo Garcia to Paris Handball!

WCh 2013 Group C Serbia Slovenia and Poland with second victories

← Previous Story Messi and Argentinian “Gladiators” (VIDEO) Next Story → WCh 2013 Group D: Three teams with 100% Three favourites of the Group C at the World Championship 2013 in Spain, teams of Serbia, Slovenia and Poland celebrate their second wins in Zaragoza. Day 4 was open by Slovenian win over South Korea 34:27 (14:13). Dragan Gajic 11 and Gorazd Skof (19 saves) where the key players in the second triumph of Boris Denic’s team – STATISTICSSerbia beat Belarus 34:28 (20:13) after fantastic first half in which Ilic, Nikcevic and friends scored 20 goals. In 38th minute, “Eagles” led 28:18 and in that moments Veselin Vukovic decided to give a chance to the young players and rest the most important for next challenges against Saudi Arabia, Poland and Slovenia. STATISTICSIn the last match Poland beat Saudi Arabia 28:14 (14:6).STANDING:Poland 4Serbia 4Slovenia 4Korea 0Belarus 0Saudi Arabia 0 read more

Perfect Germany smash Austria without Gensheimer

Handball fans in Kassel has a chance to see perfect 60 minutes of the last test for German team before the World Championship 2017 start in Rouen. Bad Boys were a nightmare for Austrians 33:16 (17:11) providing a big dose of selfconfidence to all those who think that Germany can go far away in France.The only bad thing in perfect night is news about death of Uwe Gensheimer’s father. The PSG Handball left wing wasn’t in the roster, but he will be with the team in bus on Wednesday to France.Holger Glandorf played match, but Germany will be without him at the start of the tournament – with 15 players in total. Kai Hafner will be alone on right back position.Germany – Austria 33:16 (17:11)Germany: Heinevetter, Wolff; Lemke, Wiencek (2), Reichmann (4/2), Glandorf (3), Fäth (4), Groetzki (3), Häfner (2), Dahmke (2), Kühn (3), Ernst (2), Pieczkowski (2), Kohlbacher (4), Drux (2)Austria : Bauer, Aleksic; Herrmann, Bozovic (4), Frimmel (1/1), Klopcic, Bammer, Zeiner, Schopf, Jelinek (1), Breg, Schiffleitner, Bilyk (8), Wagner, Santos, Neuhold (1), Kirveliavicius ← Previous Story Russia with “5 of 5” travel to France 2017! Next Story → FRANCE 2017: Over 430.000 fans expected to attend matches France 2017france 2017 handballgermany handball read more

Darron Gibson ready to end Ireland exile now Trap is gone

first_imgEVERTON MIDFIELDER Darron Gibson said on Thursday that he is ready to return to the Ireland fold now that Giovanni Trapattoni is no longer manager.The 25-year-old former Manchester United player has been in self-imposed international exile since failing to play at the 2012 European Championship.However, with Trapattoni having left his post by mutual consent last week, Gibson is ready to don the green shirt again. In interviews to reporters yesterday to launchEA Sports Fifa 14 in Manchester, he said he was ready to return “because Trapattoni is gone”.“I never really wanted to make a big deal of it, to be honest with you. But after what happened at the Euros, I just felt I couldn’t play under him anymore,” he added.“I was embarrassed when I came back from the Euros (after) not winning a game and not getting on the pitch. I was playing every week at the time for Everton and we finished in the top six of the Premier League.“Obviously I didn’t get on and I just felt he had some sort of problem with me, but I felt he had a problem with me before the Euros as well, as I never played.“Like I said, I didn’t want to make a big deal about not playing under him, so I kept myself quiet. But I am available to come back now.”Ireland are yet to appoint a successor to Trapattoni, who stepped down after a 1-0 loss to Austria all but ended Irish hopes of qualifying for next year’s World Cup in Brazil.© AFP, 2013Bobby Browne to take the reins at BohemiansFootball’s nice guy Jurgen Klopp completely loses it during Dortmund’s defeatlast_img read more

World Mental Health Week marked with opening of €300000 facility

first_imgFor World Mental Health Week our message is to “share awareness.” Everyone is entitled to mental health and GROW’s track record in assisting real recovery demonstrates that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that recovery is not only possible but fully achievable.On World Mental Health Day (Wednesday 10 October), GROW will be raising funds in its first national flag day.See ChangeMeanwhile, See Change has released research that shows an increased number of Irish people have experienced a mental health problem since 2010.Using a nationally representative sample and building from its 2010 baseline survey of attitudes to mental health problems in Ireland, See Change research found:More than 55 per cent of Irish people now claim to have some experience of a mental health problem either themselves or through others, up from 39 per cent of those surveyed in 2010.Claimed experience of mental health problems is highest among those who describe their own financial situations to be under severe strain, with 77 per cent claiming personal experience and experience through others.There is increased willingness to seek professional help for a mental health problem, growing from 88 per cent in 2010 to 91 per cent in 2012.Ninety nine per cent of those experiencing severe financial strain emerged as the most willing group to seek professional help for a mental health problem.Read: Ireland’s youth mental health services can save lives – and should be minded> WORLD MENTAL HEALTH Week has kicked off in Ireland today, and marking it will be GROW, who are officially opening a €300,000 mental health facility in Limerick.The facility is being opened by Limerick City Lord Mayor and former All-Black nemesis Gerry “Ginger” McLoughlin,  along with recent former Munster flanker extraordinaire Alan Quinlan.Major victoryThe location for the new facility is 33 Henry Street, Limerick, and GROW have described it as a “major victory for the region in mental healthcare and suicide prevention”.The facility was acquired and completed with a €290,000 fund from the JP McManus Pro Am 2010 Fund and provides an improved permanent base for the operations of GROW’s Mid West region.GROW runs 20 support groups in the mid west region with bases in Limerick City, Nenagh, Ennis, Templemore, Newcastle West, Bruff and Thurles among them. It is supported in part by the regional HSE. GROW is also launching an interactive social media health awareness campaign using a Facebook app.“Around one in four Irish people will experience depression or other mental health issues in their lifetime,” said Michelle Kerrigan, CEO of GROW in Ireland.last_img read more

Bailout exit sees a rise in support for coalition partners

first_imgBOTH GOVERNMENT PARTIES have received a boost in support, according to a new poll printed today.The Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll shows support for Fine Gael and Labour up by four and three per cent respectively.This weekend’s exit from the Troika bailout programme has seen support for the parties stabilise, with Fine Gael tightening their grip on their standing as the most supported party in the country, with 30 per cent support.Labout is up three per cent, but still falls short of ten per cent support, sitting at nine per cent.Fianna Fáil is unchanged on 22 per cent, while Sinn Féin, which has experienced a torrid month, is down two per cent.Support for independents and others is down five per cent to 18 per cent.Approval for how the coalition is running the country is up six per cent to 26 per cent.LeadersThe good news for Labour leader Eamon Gilmore doesn’t end there, however. His personal satisfaction rating is up four per cent to 19 per cent.The Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s support is now 33 per cent, up two per cent. Also up two per cent is Kenny’s Fianna Fáil adversary Micheál Martin, who now has a 29 per cent approval rating.Embattled Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has taken a two per cent hit in his approval rating, down to 27 per cent.Read: Cabinet meets this morning to consider economic strategy for the next seven yearsRead: ‘Give it another push Seán’: All smiles as Christmas tree lights go on at Leinster Houselast_img read more

10 of the worst things about every office in January

first_img Source: ImgurWhich is unfortunate, because your body clock still looks like this Source: Imgur6. Nobody you work with has anything to talk about Source: Shutterstock7. Even Facebook is no fun Source: Tumblr8. Your workplace is a fermenting hotbed of diseaseAppearance: Source: Phillie CasablancaReality: Source: DMU Viv’s Biology Courses9. The ongoing stand-off over who has to take down the Christmas decorations Source: Fearless Fred Source: PandawhaleWhich are looking more and more tragic every day.10. Still, at least it’s only three weeks til February. Source: Mshcdn 9 lies you’ve already told yourself today>8 signs you are suffering from ‘Jannui’> 1. Being there even though you’ve forgotten how to do your jobHow it looks: Source: TumblrHow it feels: Source: Tumblr2. People bringing their rejected Christmas treats into workIn an apparent effort to undermine even your most pathetic resolutions. Source: Shutterstock3. Eating ‘healthy’ lunches that make you a little bit sad Source: oztenphoto Source: Imgur4. That one person embracing the new year with open arms, making it worse for everyone Source: ShutterstockNot to mention surveying you with the Eyes of Judgement. Source: Whicdn5. There isn’t enough coffee in the worldlast_img read more

Poll Should fitnesstoteach hearings be introduced

first_imgTEACHERS WHO AREN’T up to the task will soon face hearings to decide if they’re allowed keep their jobs, The Sunday Times is reporting this morning.Under plans being drawn up by Education Minister Ruairí Quinn, public hearings will be brought in —and where serious complains are upheld, the teacher can be banned from working in any state institution.Teaching union the TUI have said it would be “extremely unfair” if teachers were brought before public hearings, except in cases of serious misconduct.What do you think? Poll Results: I don’t know. (455) Only misconduct cases should go to a hearing, not less serious ones. (1335) I agree with the idea — it would improve transparency. (453) The whole idea seems unfair. (1047) I agree with the idea — it would improve transparency.Only misconduct cases should go to a hearing, not less serious ones.The whole idea seems unfair.I don’t know.Votelast_img read more

Rate of nonmelanoma skin cancer predicted to increase by over 350

first_imgTHE NUMBER OF incidents of cancer in Ireland are expected to double by 2040, with some individual rates rising over 300 per cent.The only fall in the figures, published this morning by the National Cancer Registry Ireland (NCRI), is in the rate of leukaemia in males of 57 per cent.The NCRI predict that the rate of non-melanoma skin cancer will increase by by 235 per cent in females and 356 per cent in males.This is a group of cancers that slowly develop in the upper layers of the skin, first appearing as a lump or patch on the skin that doesn’t heal.A notable increase in incidents of lung cancer is also noted, with the rate rising faster in females, by 136 per cent.The figures take into account population and demographic factors and trends in cancer rates since 1994.The NCRI stressed that trends in female breast cancer and in prostate cancer “are difficult to predict”, but suggested that screening programmes for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer will have an impact.Click here to view a larger version. (Image: NCRI)Read: Breast cancer patients who stop oral hormone therapy at threefold risk of recurrence >last_img read more

The Pogues guitarist Philip Chevron This time the cancer is lethal

first_imgTHE POGUES AND Radiators from Space guitarist, Philip Chevron, has revealed that he has terminal cancer.In 2007, he was treated for head and neck cancer and was given a clean bill of health in April 2012. However, the cancer has returned.In a statement on The Pogues website, Chevron said that in August last year his doctors found a new tumour. The position of it means that treatment is seriously ill-advised and would almost certainly “cause a stroke or worse”. It will prove fatal in time, though at present it is impossible to measure Chevron’s life expectancy.Chevron, born Philip Ryan, was last year part of both the The Pogues and the Radiators releases, but is currently taking a break from both bands.In the statement, Philip thanked his friends, colleagues, family and management team for their enduring support and hopes to make some notable musical contributions before, as he puts it, the cancer becomes “lethal”.Read: Brad Pitt: Angelina is ‘absolutely heroic’ for undergoing double mastectomy>More: Thousands pay tribute to teen ‘warrior and inspiration’ Donal Walsh>last_img read more

7 surprisingly creative acts of election poster vandalism

first_img @tnteacherTim @dailyedge one would want to be careful where a cable tie is placed! #Roscommon #EuroMing #EP2014— Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan (@lukeming) April 29, 2014 Wh-what? I’m not tired at all actua-*snore* Source: Workers Solidarity MovementThe many stylish looks of Dr Paddy Smith Source: Twitter/@padsmythThe prankster’s trick backfired though, as Dr Smyth was moved to share it on Twitter, branding it “street art”.A slightly more angry effort for Cllr Lorraine Kingston in Cork Source: Workers Solidarity MovementTaking the traditional Hitler moustache one step further on this Deirdre Clune poster Source: Workers Solidarity MovementAnd finally, a less creative but still masterful piece of vandalism: Source: Reddit IrelandGorgeous footage depicts hunt for Northern Ireland’s Game of Thrones hotspots>New feature lets you ‘ask’ your Facebook friends about their relationship status> Source: Luke Ming Flanagan/Twittercenter_img WITH EVERY ELECTION comes the row over posters. Posters are ugly, they take up space, they’re going up too early – and the old chestnut, why are they even required?Well, people can’t complain much longer as others have reliably turned the low-hanging fruit into, er, beautiful works of art.Tonight, Matthew, Cllr Seán Martin is going to be… Source: Workers Solidarity MovementA ‘spliffy’ addition to a Luke Ming Flanagan poster in Roscommon Source: Twitter/@cawley_mFlanagan himself has said it is but a mere cable tie, but we’re still not convinced.last_img read more

Do you feel weird talking about your own death You shouldnt

first_imgMOST PEOPLE HAVE no problem talking about the care they will receive towards the end of their life and a new project is seeking to encourage people to do so with their GPs.A Trinity College study published this month by the Irish Medical Journal involved 100 clinically stable patients across five GP practices. The patients filled out a “Think Ahead” form which asked them to consider and record their preferences regarding their own end-of-life care.The purpose of the study was less about finding out their preferences but in measuring how comfortable people were discussing their own mortality.The Irish Hospice Foundation and and the Forum on End of Life in Ireland supported the study and sought to determine if a routine GP visit was an appropriate arena to discuss end-of-life care.Those who filled out the form were then asked in a follow-up phone interview about their experiences of doing so.The results of the study found that 63% of people reported “no difficulty” in completing the form, while 74% indicated that completing the form did not cause them upset. Perhaps most pertinently, reading the form led to 83% of people discussing end-of-life planning with family members.“Dr O’Shea’s research shows a very positive response from the public to the notion of planning ahead,” said Justice Catherine McGuinness of the Forum on End of Life. “End-of-life discussions can be uncomfortable for many of us but they are essential on a societal as well as a personal level.”Sharon Foley of the Irish Hospice Foundation says that there had been a year-long consultation process ahead of this publication which showed that there was a demand for greater information.Copies of Think Ahead are available from the End of Life forum’s website. Opinion: Let’s talk about death (no, seriously) >Read: 2,500 patients a year are denied access to hospice services >last_img read more

Thai junta chief given seal of approval by the countrys royal family

first_imgTHAILAND’S COUP LEADER has received royal endorsement to lead the politically divided kingdom and quickly threatened to crack down on any further agitation after a weekend of angry protests.The palace officially appointed army chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha as leader of a military junta that has deposed the government and assumed extensive powers in the Southeast Asian nation of 67 million.“To restore peace and order in the country and for the sake of unity, the king appointed General Prayut Chan-O-Cha as head of the National Council of Peace and Order to run the country,” according to a royal command, referring to the military council set up as the country’s all-powerful ruling force.The constitutional monarchy headed by King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 86, commands great respect among many Thais and the king’s blessing has traditionally been a key step in legitimising the country’s recurring military takeovers.The latest coup has triggered a small but growing backlash on the streets, with more than 1,000 anti-coup demonstrators marching through Bangkok on Sunday.Dozens of protesters faced off against lines of armed soldiers. Scuffles broke out and at least two demonstrators were taken away by troops, one bleeding.Shortly after getting the royal nod, Prayut, 60, held his first press conference as junta head and threatened to “intensify law enforcement” against anti-coup protesters who have pledged to rally in Bangkok again on Monday.He also warned that demonstrators could be tried in tough military courts.The junta has detained former premier Yingluck Shinawatra along with about 200 ousted government leaders, political figures, critics and academics in a sweeping roundup since the coup, which has drawn sharp international criticism. Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha speaks at the start of his first press conference since Thursday’s coup. Source: AP Photo/Sakchai LalitAn army commander has indicated Yingluck remained under military control, but declined to reveal her whereabouts.“We are taking care of her. She is fine. She can choose to stay wherever she wants,” Lieutenant General Thirachai Nakwanich, central region army commander, told AFP when asked of Yingluck’s fate.Yingluck was ousted by a court ruling earlier this month, but her embattled government had remained in place until last week under a caretaker premier.In one of the first legal steps taken against a prominent detainee since the coup, the attorney general’s office granted bail to Suthep Thaugsuban, a firebrand leader of nearly seven months of anti-government protests, over an insurrection charge, according to one of his lawyers.He was still to face court on Monday on a separate outstanding murder charge linked to a bloody military crackdown on opposition protests against a previous government in 2010.Under the junta, civil liberties have been curbed, media restrictions imposed and most of the constitution abrogated. Prayut also has assumed all authority for making laws.- © AFP, 2014Read: Thailand’s coup leaders to hold ousted government to give them “time to think” >last_img read more